LAHORE - Prosecutor General Punjab (PGP) Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari and Secretary Prosecution Department informed the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday that a comprehensive plan had been made to monitor and examine weaknesses of police investigation that had become a major cause of accused persons acquittal or release on bail from courts. Divulging further details of the plan, the PGP and Secretary said that Punjab government had established basic cells at police station level, district monitor cells at district level, divisional cells at division level and provincial cell at province level while an additional prosecutor general would be the head of these cells. The said cells would examine all orders and judgments of the courts at all levels regarding granting bail to accused or acquitting them in criminal cases so as to assess weaknesses of prosecutions case. After assessing the weaknesses, the monitoring cell would guide investigation officers in this regard for future cases. The need to set up these cells came to fore during the hearing of a contempt of court proceeding against DIG Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera. The DIG had written a letter to a Sessions judge Lahore in December 2008 stating that hardened and desperate criminals easily managed to get bails from courts. He also used some improper words in his letter. And a citizen namely Syed Ali Mehdi Nayyar had moved a contempt of court petition in the LHC. On Friday, the DIG told the court that he had great respect for judiciary and he never intended to malign it. He said he had written the letter with good intention but he regretted for using some improper words. He left himself at the mercy of the court. The court accepted his apology and disposed of the case without taking any action against him. Only a warning has been given to him to be more careful in future. DPO Jhang reprimanded for not stopping vandals The Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice on Friday chided the DPO Jhang for showing lax in preventing violent mob from destroying court and bar rooms at the Jhang District Court on July 21, and sought a written reply from him till July 31. The CJ, who looked extremely annoyed over police inability, remarked that the amount to the extent of damage caused by the mob should be recovered from the salaries of the policemen. The CJ is hearing a suo moto notice into attack on Jhang District Court by hundreds of protesters and summoned the DPO for July 24. The notice was taken by the LHC CJ on a report sent by Sessions judge Jhang wherein it was stated that at least 350 club wielding protesters attacked civil courts on July 21, ransacked some courtrooms and bar room. The mob smashed furniture, doors and windowpanes. Before creating hullabaloo, the mob stayed on court premises for an hour, but the police remained unmoved. Even when the mob started beating the bar members and court staff, the police made no effort to control deteriorating situation and played the role of a silent spectator. The Sessions judge further stated that efforts were made to contact the DPO through wireless, landline and cellphone, but he was not available. There is strong presumption that all this violence had been done with active involvement of the DPO. Apparently, all this has been done by the DPO to take revenge on courts to harness unlawful activities of the police, the report added.