It is not a secret anymore that we; the pilots of the PIA, have been struggling to have our just demands accepted by PIA management. All of us are perplexed at the way we are being treated and maligned in public by the current MD Mr. Ejaz Haroon and his team, all including the MD being pilots themselves. At a recent seminar in Multan, the MD remarked that "90% of accidents are caused by human error". The place he gave this remark is significant, as it was the third anniversary of the Fokker crash in Multan. His remark is, naturally, being taken to mean that the Multan accident was also probably due to human error, notwithstanding the fact that all the inquiry reports, including that of CAA, pointed to technical failure as the cause of accident. One can imagine how the relatives and friends of Captain Hamid Qureshi (the pilot flying the ill-fated Fokker) and the flying community must have felt on this remark. The current management leaves no chance to throw baseless accusations and spread untrue misconceptions about our demands. It calls us a bung of thieves and cronies without any moral standing and does not even spare the cabin crew, often making un ethical remarks about them. We are only demanding what is on record renewal of our previous working agreement as assured by the Ministry of Defense on July 31st. We only demand adherence to global safety norms as stated in ANO and defined by the CAA laws. -CAPTAIN ABBAS MIRZA, Karachi, via e-mail, July 15.