KARACHI - Jamiat-e-Ulema Pakistan (JUP) on Friday denounced the government over the prevailing law and order situation, price-hike and power crises and demanded the government to take serious steps to resolve these issues suffered by the ordinary people of the country. Speaking at the protest demonstration held outside the Karachi Press Club, JUP leaders Mufti Ghous Sabri, Haleem Ghori, Mufti Abdul-Aleem Hazarvi and others criticised the government over the receiving Rs 25 per litre tax on POL products. They termed that it was injustice with the common people of the country. Commenting over the Chief Minister Sindh Statement on KESC, Mufti Ghous Sabri said that CM Sindh statement on KESC shows the failure of the government, saying that government should not serve the masses until it forget their personal benefits.