LAHORE - PML-N senior leader Tehmina Doltana has demanded for immediate trial of former General Pervez Musharraf under war crime charges. Addressing a Press conference here at the Press club on Friday, she said that Musharrafs crimes against Pakistan were so horrific that he must be tried for his misdeeds without any delay. She said that Musharraf tampered with the Constitution of Pakistan, killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, and threw out constitutional government. She said that unrest in Balochistan, overall terrorism in the country, and drone attacks were the legacy of the Musharraf era. She said that Pakistan had been pushed to the brink by military dictators, who never respected the supremacy of the Constitution and trampled over it whenever they desired, without taking into account the possible implications for the progress of the nation. If Pakistan had not been de-tracked again and again by military adventures, today we would not have been staring in the face of total gloom. I absolutely have no doubt that all the problems that we face today, including extremism and militancy, would not have raised their head if there were not the military coups. Taking another swipe at Musharraf, she said: Look, what has happened to the one who used to show his fist as a symbol of power to the nation. He is scared today because of the deeds he committed and made his future unsafe in the country he ruled for nearly 10 years. What has he gained in the end? She said that next military adventure could be stopped if Musharraf was made sign of retribution by trying him under war crime charges. On a query she said that it was to be decided by PML-N leadership whether party would start legal proceeding against Musharraf or not.