LAHORE - PIA seems to be loosing out the passengers and cargo, but has certainly become the favourite airline for rats. On July 21, the passengers on board PK 204, an Airbus 310, coming from Dubai to Lahore, were shocked to see rats roaming in inside the plane during the flight, feeling more at home than the passengers who were frightened by their very presence. These rats have become a normal phenomenon for PIA, since nothing has been done to secure these aircrafts of rodents, which threaten aircraft safety, sources in the airline disclosed, as third such incident in the month of July has surfaced. According to details, panic was created in PK 792 when well-fed rats were spotted during the flight. One such rat jumped on a lady, whose screams frightened all other passengers. As a result, most of the passengers refused to consume food because of the rats that were jumping all around. It is important to note that rodents can nibble the wires that spread across the aircraft thereby threatening short-circuits. These rats are suspected to enter the PIA aircrafts via catering equipment or luggage that are loaded on aircrafts. It is worth noting that PIA has outsourced both its Flight Kitchen and TGS around three years ago. Instead of an improvement, the incidents of rats being found frequently on PIA flights have become a routine matter. During the last 7 months, it is the 6th incident in the planes still in the air. Aviation industry experts have said that any other airline facing such influx of rats, would have taken the issue on a priority basis, because of the possible fatal consequences that can be caused by an accident resulting from damage done to wiring by the rats. In this regard, PIA spokesman was of the view that the national flag carrier did not allow its planes to fly after if rats were found. It would be a violation of safety rules if aircraft was kept on flying even after the rat/rats were spotted.