KARACHI - The Sindh government has instructed its departments and requested the federal government agencies to submit PC-1 of the Sindh-based Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) projects within this month, so their implementation could be started immediately, sources told The Nation. The Planning and Development Department of Sindh government issued these directives while reviewing the matter of early implementation of Sindhs PSDP projects during special meeting held this week in Karachi, which was also attended by the administrative secretaries and representative of federal agencies. A senior official of the Sindh government told The Nation that Provincial Additional Chief Secretary of Planning and Development Department has issued directives to all the provincial departments, involved in the execution of federal funded PSDP projects in Sindh to prepare PC-1 and other formalities within this month. The provincial government has also conveyed the same request to federal ministries as number of development projects are part of the PSDP, official confirmed. The official said that the government has started efforts to push the relevant provincial as well as federal government agencies to submit formalities of PC-1 on time because the main reason for delay on implementation of Sindh projects was absence of the necessary formalities. It may be mentioned here that the federal government has enhanced the allocations to Rs78 billion for 320 projects of Sindh in PSDP (210 ongoing and 110 new) for FY09-10 against Rs45 billion of last fiscal 08-09. Official further said that Rs25 billion have been allocated for 68 development schemes (55 ongoing and 13 new schemes) which would be executed by provincial agencies of Sindh government. A Senior official pointed out that the special interest of the President Asif Ali Zardari was behind significant increase in the allocation for Sindh development schemes under federal PSDP because various important projects submitted by provincial govt were not considered at APCC and NEC level by Planning Commission. But, he said that Sindh government took this matter with President Zardari as a result the centre included the projects in PSDP for this fiscal. The feasibility study of Keti Bandar, Women University in Sukkur, construction of 8 small and medium dams- Nai Gaj, Darwat, Khadeji, Salari, Sita and others, establishment of 300-bed hospital with Trauma centre in Kemari Karachi and others new Sindh base development projects are part of the PSDP. The official pointed out that delay in release of funds by the federal government was leading to increase in backlog of development schemes in the province, while meagre allocations for major projects were also another reason for delay in completion of projects. The ongoing projects such as the revamping and rehabilitation of irrigation system and drainage in Sindh with Rs16.796 billion, RBDO with Rs29 billion and important projects were continued for the last seven years as meagre allocations were delaying their completion, official said.