The PPP government intends to disband the NAB and establish an Accountability Commission. General Musharraf replaced the Ehtesab Bureau with NAB, with the objective to cleanse the society of corruption and conduct accountability of the looters of the national exchequer. In nine years NAB did contribute in recovering Rs 225 billion of the looted money of banks and provided relief to the victims of fraudulent housing schemes, forex companies and the fraudsters among government servants, businessmen, ex-army officers, bankers and politicians etc. NAB lost its credibility when General Musharraf used it as a tool to win support of the corrupt politicians to consolidate his grip on power. After the new PPP regime came into power, it introduced the Holders of public Office Accountability Bill in April 2009 to replace the 1999 Ordinance under which NAB was established. The new bill excludes politicians from the purview of accountability despite the widespread public view that virtually all MNAs/MPAs make money. -ENGR S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, July 21.