LAHORE - The mystery surrounding the resignation of a PPP Senator from Sindh, Javed Leghari has been resolved, as Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Shaukat Tarin would be elected for the Upper House from the vacant seat to pave the way for his induction in the federal cabinet as Finance Minister. The decision has been taken to put an end to the continuing criticism on the government that it had assigned key portfolios to non-elected people and also to enable Mr Tarin to use his political clout while taking vital decisions regarding countrys financial matters. It is to be noted that despite his significant contribution in preparation of federal budget for the year 2009-10, Shaukat Tarin could not present it in the National Assembly for the sole reason that he was not an elected member of either the Senate or the National Assembly. Having excellent record of holding successful negotiations with the IMF and other international financial institutions, Shaukat has also given boost to countrys dwindling economy at a time when leading world economies are struggling to come out of worst recession. Mr Tarin, who successfully launched the third State of Pakistans Competitiveness Report in New York and Washington last week, is arriving back on Sunday cutting short his scheduled visit to London. Presenting the said report, he pleaded Pakistans case before business and government leaders of the US, emphasising the need for Pakistans industries to achieve global competitiveness. Tarin presented a snapshot of the economy and the governments strategy for achieving high economic growth and poverty reduction. Tarin also discussed the issue of raising Pakistans tax base from nine per cent in line with other competing nations whose rates are as high as 30 pc. He attributed Pakistans fluctuating economic growth cycle to an over reliance on donor aid and acknowledged that the government needed to focus on coordinated initiatives to stimulate growth and ensure sustainability.