The recent movement for restoration of Chief Justice of Pakistan and his brother judges who stood up for rule of law was led by prominent lawyers of repute, civil society and public from across the political divide. People of Pakistan want rule of law to prevail in such a way that nobody, be they lawyers, parliamentarians, men in uniform, bureaucrats or even the judiciary are able to violate the law. Prominent lawyers like Aitzaz Ahsan, Munir Malik, Ali Ahmed Kurd etc won international acclaim through this movement. However, of late, a few young lawyers (mostly in their 30s and 40s) have been seen to misuse their newfound power by considering themselves to be above the law. I would like to bring this to the notice of Chief Justice of Pakistan and other Chief Justices and urge them to take notice of such misguided adventurism. This appeal is also to leaders of the Bar, who need to take notice of such shameful behavior. A female lawyer, who is related to me was criminally assaulted and inflicted serious head injuries by her lawyer husband, who had been demanding huge sums of money from his in-laws. She filed a criminal case and an FIR was lodged. A medico-legal report was submitted in accordance with legal requirements. On the date of hearing, a few of these young, rowdy lawyers pressurized the magistrate, showing extreme gender bias and male chauvinism during the hearings at Model Town Kachehry. They totally ignored the fact that the victim herself was a lawyer too. Crimes against women are on the rise and need to be curbed by senior judiciary, with clear-cut directives to lower courts not to treat them as routine matters.-M.T. ALI, Lahore, July24.