ISLAMABAD (APP) - A boy and girl were found dead on Friday in a house here in sector G-6/1-3 under mysterious circumstances, the police spokesman said. The bodies of Umer Baig s/o Mirza Azeem Baig and Raheela Aziz were found on the front seat of the car when the uncle of Umer Baig came into the house which often remains vacant. The parents of Umer Baig lodged the report with Civil Lines Police station Rawalpindi two days before that their son had been missing from July 20 as he left house for Allama Iqbal Open University for a personnel assignment. Waseem Ahmed Baig, Uncle of Umer Baig, entered the house and felt a strong odour. He found dead bodies of his nephew and the girl on the front seat of the car parked at the porch of house. Police spokesman said that there was no apparent sign of any kind of torture on dead bodies, adding that cause of death could be ascertained after the postmortem.