ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed regrets to ensure VIP protocol and security to his predecessor Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf if he returns to defend himself in the PCO judges case being heard by countrys apex court. TheNation has learnt from credible sources on Friday that former President Musharraf had contacted President Zardari through a friend seeking VIP protocol and security if he returns and defends himself in the PCO judges case. However, sources said that President Zardari had expressed his inability to make any commitment and instead had advised the former president to better postpone his return until conducive conditions prevail. In a related development, the former President has hired services of legal experts headed by renowned lawyer Abdul Hafeez Pirzada to defend him in the Supreme Court. It was further learnt that Abdul Hafeez Pirzada had advised his client to cash in on the case, as it would bring him again in the limelight to enter political arena. The former President, sources said, was also in touch with PML-Q buddies to keep him posted about the judicial case. Sources privy to these developments were of the view that the former President was facing no threat whatsoever as being speculated in the national media. The case in question is pretty weak and Musharrafs legal team is confident to defend him tooth and nail, a source said. However, some other legal experts were upbeat that the former president, by joining the proceedings of PCO judges case through his legal counsel, would fall prey to punitive action if he failed to satisfy the apex court.