LAHORE About 20 female patients and eight newly-born babies fainted when an injection, administered to the females reacted during post-operative care at Lady Aitchison Hospital late on Sunday. As per details, the nurses administered an anti-biotic injection to around 20 female patients here in the post-operative ward in the hospital, which reacted to all the patients. However, at least 7 or 8 female patients, whose condition got aggravated, were immediately shifted to ICU ward alongwith their newly-born babies. However, till the last reports the condition of all the patients both in ward and ICU was stated to be stable as the doctors provided victims with required medical aid, which helped in stabilising their condition. According to the hospital officials, the condition of babies was also stable. The relatives and attendants of female patients raised hue and cry and protested against the doctors accusing them of giving 'wrong and 'expired injection to the patients. As they tried to ransack the infrastructure in the hospital, the hospitals administration called up the police to rescue the doctors and staff. Miss Fauzia and Nabeela, a relative of a patient, claimed that the hospital administration behaved improperly with the patients, adding, they requested hospital staff to shift the female patients immediately to ICU when the condition of female patients deteriorated but hospital staff showed lethargic attitude and tried to snub them in order to hide their mistake. They claimed that hospital staff especially nurses and doctors do not bother about patients condition and spends most of their time while chatting with each other or on mobile phones. The LAH Medical Superintendent Dr Shagufta Zaidi confirmed that several patients suffered reaction after administration of anti-biotic drug to control infection among the patients. However, she said the doctors properly looked after the patients and their condition was now quite stable. She further informed that the hospital administration had reported the reaction from this anti-biotic drug to the Health Department and the drug was also sent to the laboratory for examination. Meanwhile, an inquiry committee was also formed for fact-finding task in this connection. She informed that the hospital administration called the police to prevent any untoward incident as patients relatives started protesting in panic. Provincial Health Secretary Dr. Saeed Elahi said that he had ordered an inquiry into the matter besides issuing orders of imposing ban on the use of said drug in all districts of the Punjab. Gowalmandi police said that they had received a call on 15 and they immediately rushed to the Lady Aitchison Hospital, where around 25 people were protesting against the doctors over alleged wrong injection administered to their patients. However, they said that they had assured the relatives of the patients that their relatives are in stable condition as doctors are properly treating them. They said that all the attendants peacefully dispersed after they were assured that condition of no patient was critical any more.