KARACHI (Online) - Police intercepted three land cruisers of the US Consulate at Toll Plaza on Main Super Highway in Karachi for not using proper number plates allotted to them by the federal government. According to the police, the three vehicles carrying staff members of the US consulate were on their way to Jamshoro at around 7 am on Sunday when they were intercepted. The vehicles were carrying fake number plates reading B-F 1493, B-F 1524 and B-F 1802. DSP Nasir Lodhi said that police were on their routine check-up at the Gadap Toll Plaza when these vehicles were stopped. Subsequently, it was discovered that these vehicles belonged to the US Consulate in Karachi. Police questioned the driver why the red coloured-CC number plates which were allotted to the consulate cars were not placed on the bumpers. However, the police let them continue their journey to Jamshoro after the security supervisor of US Consulate Abdul Sami presented the complete documents of the staff that was traveling in the vehicles. He also assured them that the incident will not be repeated.