OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan has alleged that the federal dispensation is diverting all crises towards Punjab with the sole aim of punishing people and damaging the provincial government. Addressing a press conference here at the Chief Ministers House on Sunday, he said that the Punjab was getting less Urea fertiliser and was facing more loadshedding of gas and electricity than the other federating units. Minister for Agriculture Ahmed Ali Aulakh briefed the newsmen in detail about unprecedented increase in price of Urea and its shortage in the market due to less production caused by gas loadshedding and dangers of delay in import of necessary agri input. Rana Sanaullah said that the federal government delayed the import of Urea despite repeated requests that showed bad intentions on the part of the rulers sitting in Islamabad. Federal government is importing 1.5 lakh tonne Urea in July. The crises could have been averted if the necessary input is imported in May. This unnecessary delay will cause huge loss to agriculture as production of Kharif crops will decrease, Rana Sana said adding that the mismanagement and bad intentions of the federal government could cause Rs 1 billion loss to the growers and the country. He suggested the federal government to import 10 lakh tonne Urea for the Rabi crop in November to avoid the same situation. He said that Ministry of Production was responsible for managing the affairs relating to the fertilisers and its minister was bent upon taking revenge from people for defeat in last elections. He alleged Ch Pervaiz Elahi had established a dera at The Mall on government expenses and was hatching conspiracies against the Punjab government. He feared that the minister would create same situation for Rabi crop by delaying import of Urea fertiliser. He warned the federal government of strong protest if discriminatory attitude was continued with Punjab. The minister said that there was need of getting rid of the rulers and saving the democratic system as it was necessary for the survival of the country. He said that the provincial government was well aware about the difficulties of people and it has chalked out a comprehensive plan to ensure availability of commodities at cheaper rates during the holy month of fasting. To a query about remarks of PTI Chief Imran Khan against the PML-N leadership, Rana Sanaullah said that the cricketer turned politician was playing on the tune of agencies instead of representing public sentiments. He said the PTI could take its share if its leadership did politics of public but it never happened. He said that instead of doing politics, Imran Khan should have focussed on building more hospitals for public welfare. He said that people were joining and leaving PTI and at the end Imran Khan would be alone like Asghar Khan. He said that only the PML-N was doing anti-establishment politics that was collective voice of 180 million people. Ahmed Ali Aulakh said that production capacity of Urea was 69 lakh tonne, while requirement of the country was only 64 lakh tonne. He said that it was pity that the country having capacity of exporting Urea was importing it due to wrong policies of the rulers in Islamabad. He said that 20 per cent cut in gas supply for fertiliser manufacturing units had not only reduced production but had also caused considerable increase in the price of necessary agri input. Meanwhile, Kisan Board Pakistan President Sardar Zafar Hussain Khan urged the government to take measures for stop hoarding and black marketing of urea. Addressing a gathering of farmers here on Sunday, he claimed the price of a urea bag was Rs 1,245 but it was being sold at Rs 1,800 at different places. Sardar Zafar warned that if action was not taken, it would badly affect agriculture production. He also demanded the government to announce the support price of cotton and order the TCP to procure it.