LAHORE It is usually believed that benefits can bring good results. But the crime picture in the Punjab tells a different story. Despite some hefty raises in their budgetary allocations by the current Shahbaz Government, the Punjab police have not produced the required results. The crime rate has refused to decrease during the years 2009 and 2010 (Shahbaz-led rule). When put in comparison, the corresponding period of the Q-led government (2006 and 2007) looks much better today. The glaring difference between the two time periods shows 82,329 more felony acts were committed during the PML-Ns reign. Who is to blame? Some target the police, but majority of the victims point their fingers at the Governments wrong priorities, especially the way the rulers want the police to perform. One may recall here the Lahore CCPO Ahmad Raza Tahirs recent revelation wherein he had said that out of the City polices total strength of 27,000, some 17,000 personnel were deputed on VIP or VVIP duty. A bold disclosure, indeed Good luck, top guy The instances of crime against person, property, murders, attempt to murder, kidnapping for ransom, rapes, gang-rapes, dacoities, robberies, burglaries, vehicle-snatchings, and increase in the number of proclaimed offenders and court absconders have shot up across the Punjab province, official police statistics revealed on Sunday. The scores of others being arrested by the police not need to mention. The district-wise crime profile shows that Faisalabad, Sheikhpura, Lahore, Gujranwala and Bahawalpur districts have topped the crime list. According to the statistics, about 40 incidents of dacoity/burglary and 30 of robbery take place in the City every day. About 15 others also get killed daily for offering resistance to dacoits or are slaughtered over enmities. Similarly, about 15 to 20 persons are killed on roads. Moreover, two to three people are kidnapped for ransom. The Punjab population, according to the 2010 data, is estimated to be 81, 330,531. That means the province is home to over half Pakistans total population. The last several governments implemented new policies, including the set-up of the Rapid Response Centres, Anti-car-lifting Cells, Anti-dacoity cells, Citizen-Police Liaison Committees, Mohafiz Squads, Anti-terrorist Squads, etc. But, it seems, all these efforts have somehow failed to give results. Coming back to the comparison, 342,561 and 344,925 cases were lodged during 2006 and 2007, respectively, (the period of the Q-led Punjab Government). The crime situation changed alarmingly; however, during the year 2009 and 2010 when 383,379 and 386,437 cases were registered in over 600 police stations across the Punjab (the time period represents the N-led rule in Punjab). The year 2008, which observed transfer of power, also remained under severe chaos as no less than 374,400 cases were lodged in this regard. The official figures reveal that total 48,624 and 46,437 cases were traced regarding crime against person; 81,402 and 73,291 cases, respectively, were detected against crime against property and 140,241 and 151,773, respectively, of Local and Special Laws in 2006 and 2007. A senior lawmaker while talking to TheNation said on Sunday that the Federal Government had continued implementing the Police Act 1861. This Act was imposed to suppress the general public of India through the law-enforcement agencies, especially the police. This very Act remained valid till it was replaced with the Police Order 2002. However, in 2004, a number of changes were made in the Police Act 2002 and several decisions like the establishment of the Independent Safety Commission were taken. PML-N Spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said: We doubled and tripled the salaries of the police and the judges, ensured recruitments on merit, increased their budgetary allocations, and announced Rs3 million as reward for every martyred police officer. He said the provincial government had ensured free registration of FIRs, which was a huge hindrance in the PML-Q government. Yes, of course, when cases will be registered one will observe increase in crime. However, criminals are being rounded up minutes after they commit a crime. To a question, Pervaiz Rasheed said the Thana Culture is being improved. The Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, personally attends each and every police training course taking place in Sihala in order to boost polices image, he added. PML-Q Central Information Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha, however, challenged the PML-N claim of salary raises. We doubled the police salaries. We established a modern Traffic Warden System and restored police officials trust by increasing interaction and involving them in policy matters. Mr Agha said the PML-Q government had given a free hand to police with just one condition: to ensure law and order situation. According to him, the police department was equipped with modern arms and ammunition, fast moving operational vehicles and even timings of police officers were fixed in PML-Q led government.