Without going into political motives of the Punjab chief minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the establishment of Daanish School System (DSS) in the remote and education-wise backward areas of Punjab should be fully welcomed and appreciated as its expected to revive optimism in the otherwise flaccid lifestyle of the poor strata who cannot afford to send their children to schools due to lack of resources. I do hope that this school will turn the other-wise 'poor mans burden as an asset of the nation by giving them education and an environment to grow. However, keeping in view the political style of Shahbaz Sharif, it is quite surprising to see that DSS is only limited to the children of Punjab. I, therefore, have a proposal to put forth. Punjab C.M should make this DSS as the conspicuous symbol of federation by fixing quota of all the provinces including Azad Jammu & Kashmir. I hope it will give the DSS a national color. This will benefit the future leaders in many ways; by promoting inter-provincial harmony and mutual understanding, creating a sense of participation and gratitude and realizing the smaller provinces that Punjab is no more an exploiter but a benefactor for them. Similarly, it is also proposed that quota of minority students should also be fixed according to their population; and I do expect that this will promote inter-religious harmony in children by encouraging greater socialization at the school level. Keeping in view the performance and governance style of Shahbaz Sharif, it is expected that this school will emerge as a strong symbol of hope and federalism provided it is run by professional and dedicated team of teachers and merit based policies are adopted. QUDRAT ULLAH, Lahore, July 20.