LAHORE (APP) - The first test-tube baby born in Pakistan (Lahore) on Sunday celebrated his 22nd birthday with cheerful parents and family members rejoicing over his healthy life. Talking to APP on this occasion, Qasims parents said, We were issueless for several years but could not succeed even after treatment from top doctors. But when we underwent IVF treatment, Almighty Allah blessed us with a healthy child. The pioneer of test tube-baby in Pakistan, Gynaecologist Prof Rashid Latif Khan (Sitara-i-Imtiaz) told APP on Sunday that it was a major breakthrough in the field of medicine in the country when first ever Pakistani test tube baby appeared in this world in July, 1989. This commendable achievement was a result of the concerted efforts of a team of doctors. Dr Rashid said that for the first time in the country another ultra-modern microscopic technique has also been introduced to enable the males having very low sperm count or negligible count to father a child. He said that modern techniques also help ensure pregnancies in weak couples. He said that women fertility starts declining after 35 years, therefore, younger the patient, more chances of success are with IVF (test-tube baby) treatment. He advised the couples who do not conceive after two years of wedding to consult a qualified gynaecologist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. He strictly warned couples in this regard never consult midwives, quacks and even general practitioners who spoil the delicate and sensitive natural system. We have also set the first-ever record by producing over several thousands healthy and normal test-tube babies which include scores of set of quadruplets, triplets and twins not only in the country but also in sub-continent in a short span of time besides achieving several thousands successful pregnancies by other than test tube methods, he added.