ISLAMABAD - The Government, despite repeated demand made by different quarters to provide overall gas shortage and distribution data, is not responding and is concealing the information from stakeholders. CNG association is demanding data from government regarding distribution system and actual gas shortage position in the country but government just announced the decisions but did not provide information that is a right of every citizen. CNG Association President Ghias Paracha while talking to TheNation said that government should provide data to make the distribution transparent indicating which sector is getting how much share. The government should take into confidence all the stakeholders regarding current situation of natural reserve in the country and then form a policy, he said. It is pertinent to mention here that it is summer season and CNG sector is facing two and half days loadshedding that never happened earlier. In previous years winter, even there was two day loadshedding but at the same time in many areas households were facing great troubles in terms of no pressure of gas for their kitchen use. This year the situation is expected to be worse than ever and nobody knows what might happen in the winter. When asked what is their strategy for the coming winter, Ghias Pracha said, "what can we do in that regard as the government knows about the data of gas shortage and CNG association cannot produce gas if the government don't do it". It is also pertinent to mention here that gas shortage is also adding in power crisis as the gas run plants mostly remain inoperative during the year. The other interesting fact is that power shortage is causing increased use of gas commercially and domestically in terms of gas-run generators. While the situation is getting worse every day, the government is not doing any thing to end the crisis and even the explored locations of gas are not being developed. Many locations collectively can produce 500 million cube feet gas within a year if the installations are installed immediately but there is no work being done and even the contracts have not been assigned for them.