Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said the government will formulate a comprehensive strategy in consultation with different segments of the society to steer the country out of current crises. In his first sitting with intellectuals, writers and poets here in Islamabad on Monday under the government's initiative of Prime Minister in dialogue with the nation, he touched upon the internal and external challenges faced by the country and the government's steps to overcome them. He pointed out that terrorism and extremism have badly rocked the country's peace, tranquility and economy and there is a dire need to fight the tendencies of intolerance and confrontation in the society. In this regard, he said the writers and poets through their writings can play a vital role to lit the candle of peace and brotherhood and help counter the menace of extremism and terrorism. He said the present government has given ownership to the war against terrorism and launched successful military operations in Swat and Malakand with the support of the people. He also urged the writers and poets to take forward the reconciliation policy of government and play their role in the progress and prosperity of the country. Acknowledging their struggle against dictatorial regimes, he expressed the confidence that the poets and intellectuals through their invaluable suggestions will help put the country on the right course. He assured them that their inputs will be incorporated in his address to the nation on the 14th of August and efforts will be made to implement it. Accentuating the major achievements of the present government, the prime minister said that besides implementing its manifesto, eighty percent of Charter of Democracy signed by PPP Chairperson Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and PML (N) Chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif have been implemented. He said the despite lacking absolute majority in the parliament, the government has introduced 103 constitutional amendments unanimously. He said credit also goes to the present government for restoring the 1973 constitution in its original shape irrespective of the consideration who will be the major beneficiary of it. He said under the 18th amendment provincial autonomy has been ensured which will help strengthen the federation. Dispelling the impression of clash among the institutions, Prime Minister Gilani said the PPP government has strengthened the institutions by reviving the constitution. Prime Minister Gilani said that before taking the oath of office, he announced the release of judges and later also reinstated the deposed judges of the superior judiciary through a notification. He described the reinstatement of judges as the dividend of democracy. Referring to the recommendations of the poets and writers on the promotion of education sector, the prime minister said that under the eighteenth amendment the health and education sectors have been devolved to the federating units. Nonetheless, the federal government will continue to support the provinces on policy matters. He said that a conference on Education to be attended by all the Chief Ministers would soon be organized to formulate a policy for implementation at the grass roots level. On the prices of essential commodities, the prime minister said that the government is providing daily used items at subsidized rates through the utility stores while efforts are also being made to check their prices in the open market as well. About the situation in Karachi, the prime minister said that the provincial capital is the economic hub of Pakistan and political process has been initiated to control the situation there. He said it is our collective responsibility to revive peace in Karachi and not to politicize the issue. Turning to relations with the outside world, the prime minister said that Pakistan wants friendly relations with all its neighbouring countries including Afghanistan, India and Iran. He said that dialogue with India and Afghanistan are moving in positive direction. Speaking on the occasion, Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan said that poets and writers are social engineers and social doctors and their recommendations will help promote inter faith and religious harmony in the society. He proposed that award for excellence should be started to acknowledge the services of eminent writers and poets. Taking part in the interactive session, poets, writers and intellectuals appreciated the government for arranging such a dialogue at such a high level, describing it as a new tradition. They recommended the government to focus more on the education sector particularly the science and technology to overcome the challenges. They said that outdated syllabus should be revised in order to produce true and patriotic Pakistanis. Appreciating government's initiatives in different fields, they said special focus should also be given for the resolution of problems faced by the common man including price hike and electricity shortages. They said the government should follow the vision and philosophy of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to overcome all the challenges.