CROWDS went snap-happy when this daring Thai wrestler put his head in between a deadly crocodile's razor-sharp teeth. These amazing pictures show him risking his life in a pit of the fierce reptiles during a spectacular show for tourists in Pattaya city, in southeast Thailand. As well as prising one of the man-eater's jaws open, the fearless performer kissed a croc on the nose, pulled one's tail and lifted up a small croc to show its belly to the delighted spectators. One bite from the fierce reptile can crush a human skull and the man-eater can grow up to six metres and weigh up to a ton. One shocked tourist told The People: 'However much they're paying him, it's not enough'. Photographer Tom Howell, who was at the Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Park, said: 'The Crocodiles are large, big-toothed and very angry crocs.DM