LAHORE - The government has been warned of the possibilities of more Mianwali-like incidents if the loadshedding will not be curtailed to a level of certain relief to the masses on immediate basis, The Nation has learnt. The people who execute the role of 'eyes and ears of the federal government warned the men in power of more incidents similar to the Mianwali episode if the masses would not be provided with certain relief with regard to the loadshedding. Sources familiar with the developments about the possibilities of more unruly protests like the Mianwali maintained that the policy makers have been told that Punjab could become the major hub of disturbance if urgent measures would not be taken to provide immediate relief to the masses. They further maintained that they through their suggestions had informed the government it would become difficult for any major political party of Punjab to remain aloof from any such public movement if it really took place in the province, which could jeopardise the future of the ruling party in the most vital province in terms of politics. Sources said that any public campaign against the loadshedding could not only boost the anti-government campaigns of PTI, JI and other regional political forces but also make them meaningful adversaries in the next polls. They also said that ruling party of Punjab, despite its efforts not to opt for collision with the ruling party at the Centre could not be able to detach itself from a public anger, which could take shape in the result of the failure of the government to control the loadshedding even at short-term basis. Sources further divulged that the mentioned scenario could damage the ruling PPPs image in areas of South Punjab. They revealed that some small political parties, which had already launched anti-government campaigns were focussing the labour units of small or cottage industries to exploit the same for speeding up their drives, as the stated labour units were the worst-hit of the loadshedding and could play a major role in accelerating the anti-government campaigns.