The rich culture and traditions of Thal displayed at 'Mela of Baba Syedan Shah prove to be an opportunity for the visitors to value the arts and crafts of Thal along with the display of cultural values of other areas. Fairs are the most popular form of entertainment in Thal. In fact Thal is a land of fairs and festivals. From times immemorial fairs have been held here. Some of them are celebrated in memory of saints. A few have a trade purpose. Another class of fairs has come into vogue recently. It is for the purpose of encouraging villagers to breed a better type of cattle and camels. In the villages, people who work hard in their fields all the year certainly need some rest and recreation. The fair also provides them with relief from their hard work. They leave their daily labours and throw themselves in the fun and frolic of the fair. This year on July 16 to 18, the Mela has explored and highlighted the beauty of Thal. Early in the morning, smiling villagers with their well-groomed camels, gathered there. The sturdy villagers, with their peculiar headdress appear quite attractive. In the afternoon there were races of horses. At first, players and horses separately participated in races. As the horses ran at a full speed, spectators yell and screamed. The camel race was also attractive. On the occasion of the fair, it was a periodical gathering of people in an open place for the sale of goods. A large number of people came here on the occasion to purchase goods. Tradesmen and peasants squat in rows behind their big reed baskets of merchandise, perfumes, vegetables, fruit, toys etc. Here were many magicians showing their tricks to the villagers. There were many shops and stalls. Only such articles as suit the needs of villagers were sold at the shops. The chief among those were the earthen-pots, bells of oxens, shoes, lathies, copper and brass vessels and ornaments. Crowds of customers were stood at the sweets-sellers shops. The local girls and women were busy in purchasing bangles and other articles of small value. In mela ground a rope-danger also amused the audience by keeping his balance wonderfully on the rope. On 17 July, in the afternoon kabaddi match was also held, drums were beaten. The players divided themselves into two teams. They drew a line sufficiently long in the middle of the field and fixed its ends as the limits for common passage. A player from one side went to the other saying kabaddi kabaddi. He tried to touch any one of his opponents without being touched by him. But if he was caught and lost his breath, he could not more took part in the game and his opponents won a point. On the other hand, if he touched any one of the other party and returned in the same breath, his party won a point. The audiences were very amused by this math. Shouts were raised. On 18 July, a horse-race was also held. There were a lot of people in mela ground on the occasion. This race-course remained continued the whole day. Evening came on and the villagers began to disperse. All of them carried something or the other, tied or wrapped in a piece of cloth hanging from their shoulders. At the conclusion, political leaders and government officials participated in the mela and distributed prizes among the high achievers.