ISLAMABAD The matter of millions of rupees is still hanging in the balance after the passage of about eight years, as most of the audit objections of the Communication Ministry (NHA) could not be discussed in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as yet. Efficiency of the relevant authorities could easily be judged as compliance on over 90 percent objections worth around millions of rupees is awaited since 2002-03. Compliance was made only on 23 audit objections of various nature in total 421 audit objections during 200-2 to 2009-10, revealed the audit report 2010-11, made available with The Nation. While, the remaining 398 audit objections are still to be settled for last several years in PAC. Even in six fiscal years, the report said, only four different cases were partly discussed but their compliance was also awaited. According to the details, in 2002-03 all 21 audit objections were not touched so what to talk about the compliance on these paras. The situation was almost same in 2003-04 but here the abjection were 50 in number, said the report. The available figures show that a change was witnessed in 2005-06 as all the 30 audit objections were discussed but compliance in seven cases is still awaited. As many as 37 audit objections were pointed out during 2007-08, the report said, but like previous years even a single case was not deliberated in any parliamentary committee. In 2008-09, 120 audit paras were to be discussed while four objections were discussed .The compliance was awaited in all cases, said report. The available figures shows that all 71audit objections were not discussed in 2009-10. The compliance position of PACs directives on the audit report relating to NHA further revealed the uneven situation was also witnessed during 1998-99 when all 177 objections of that period were not discussed. The report said that in 834 audit objections (from 1987-88 to 1998-99) the compliance was awaited on 525 cases. While, the compliance was made in 309 cases. The National Highway Authority was established in 1991 through an act of parliament and the purpose and functions of the authority are to plan, promote, organize and implement programs for construction, development, operation, repair and maintenance of National Highways and strategic roads specially entrusted to it by federal government or by provincial government, said report. The NHA is under the administrative control of Communication Ministry. The organizational set-up of the authority comprises six core wings including Motorways, construction, planning, operations, finance and administration.