LAHORE - While stating that it was in Pakistans national interest to cultivate good relations with the United States, the newly elevated Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Sunday said that her government will not make it a one-sided affair and will not play subservient to any power in the region. 'We want bilateral ties and not a one-sided relationship with the US, she said while talking to the media at Lahore Airport on her return from Indonesia where she had gone to attend Asian Security Conference and also had a meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Khar said Pakistan will maintain its sovereignty at all costs and will not accept the supremacy of any country in South Asia. She contended that Pakistan had its strategic significance in the region and no country including the US and India could downplay it in the present scenario. 'Pakistans role in this region is probably the most important now and the US recognises this, she observed. She was asked to comment on US Secretary of State, Hillary Clintons recent statement exhorting India to play a lead role in the region. Gilani had also rebuffed Clinton's stand on Saturday, stating that Pakistan did not want to have a 'Chaudhry or headman in the region. Explaining Pakistans stance, Khar said: 'look, whatever role anyone wants for someone and what the actual role is, there can be differences over it {between the US and Pakistan}. She said that US recognised Indias role and in the same way it recognises Pakistans role. 'We have to have a reality-based and pragmatic approach and must ensure that nobody downplays Pakistans current strategic significance, she further remarked. Khar described her meeting with Secretary of State Clinton on the sidelines of ASEAN meeting in Indonesia as 'very positive. Citing her meeting with Hillary Clinton, the Foreign Minister said she (Clinton) emphasised the need for Pakistan and the US to 'go back to the Strategic Dialogue and...get the relationship back on track. Khar also emphasised that 'we need to remove whatever reservations both sides have about each other. 'We have strategic convergence in goals and objectives but there are certain operational issues on which sometimes differences of opinion arise, Khar observed. Replying to a question about her upcoming visit to India, she said she would be going there with a positive mind-set, but one should not expect any dramatic overnight change in Pak-India relations. She hoped that process of change would start soon, but ,added, that it will take some time to be visible. She said Kashmir issue shall always remain at the forefront of Pakistans dialogue with India, but 'we need to have a pragmatic approach on how to take forward this engagement process. 'We cannot have overnight success in anything, she said. To a question about the arrest of Kashmiri leader Ghulam Nabi Fai by US authorities on charges of clandestinely working for Pakistans ISI, Khar said Fai was a US citizen who had worked for the Kashmiri cause 'properly and within the limitations as much as we know.