Sep 11, 2001 terrorists attack changed the whole scenario of the world. Pakistan decided to align with USA and become the front-line state in war on terror. Pakistan is fighting a war which never was meant to be its own, but now lives of Pakistans own citizens are in danger. A war, where our own security forces are fighting against terrorists in our country, in our northern areas and the suicide bombing has become a regular factor. Our innocent citizens and security forces have become the target of these deadly bombings. Pakistans role in the war on terror has provoked the Pakistani Taliban to carry their war deeper into Pakistan. It has resulted in much more loss of lives of Pakistanis than any other country in the world. In spite of all these efforts, Pakistan is always being criticized for not doing much for war on terror. Recently Abbottabad operation and Osamas presence in Pakistan had placed Pakistan in a difficult position and has further deteriorated Pak-US relations. No doubt, there is terrorism in Pakistan, but the root cause of this problem is the sincere support of Pakistan to USA and NATO forces against terrorism. Pakistan deserves to be treated in a better way than to be blamed for the sacrifices rendered. The world should consider our sacrifices not our weakness to remove the trust deficit between Pakistan and USA. NUZHAT BIBI, Islamabad, July 19.