PESHAWAR - After repeated entries of US nationals without NOC, the law enforcement agencies have beefed up security at Peshawar airport and have set up a permanent check post to thwart the entry of foreign national without complete documents. Sources said that after hindering three US nationals at Peshawar airport, it was severely felt that a proper check should be kept on the people who had no NOC on their passport for the city. Three US nationals were briefly stopped at Peshawar airport, the other day, for having no NOC to enter Peshawar. Prior to this, the US nationals used Peshawar motorway to enter the city, however this time they used aerial route from Islamabad to Peshawar to enter the city for some hidden objectives. The series of illegal US nationals entry to Peshawar was started from July 14, 2011 and four times, they attempted to enter the city with incomplete documents. Security personnel has warned US consulate regarding the entry of these illegal immigrants as they have no NOC and informed them that no single person would be let out to the city, whose has no NOC from the interior ministry for Peshawar. It is matter of serious concern that despite the repeated entry of US national without complete document, the authorities did not probe these foreign national that for what purpose they are going to Peshawar, Beside this proper checking of their vehicles and luggages is also the need of the time as in this deteriorated law and order situation the country own national are suffering at various check post while the vehicle of foreign national wandering without any proper checking.