LAHORE - The MQM, ANP and the Jamaat-i-Islami hold foreign hands responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi, but have divergent views on the need for a military action in countrys biggest City. Appearing in Waqt TVs 'Barwaqt programme hosted by Salman Ghani on Sunday, ANP Secretary General Ehsan Wyne called for a military action in Karachi, an idea immediately opposed by Jamaat-i-Islami leader Hafiz Salman Butt. MQM MNA Asif Hasnain, who joined in the programme telephonically, offered no views on the issue. However, the party had been supporting the need for de-weaponisation. Wyne said mafias enjoying political support were involved in killings in Karachi. He said that MQM was created by the then military regime. Referring to allegations that the PPP was responsible for killings and unrest in Karachi, the ANP leader said those making such assertions should not forget that the occupant of Sindhs Governors House was an MQM man. He said his party believed in politics of dialogue. Stressing the need for a military action, Wyne said the situation in Karachi would not normalise unless the City was cleared of all weapons. Jamaat leader Hafiz Salman Butt alleged that the Federal government was not serious in restoring peace in Karachi. He further said that people who were part of the Sindh government were involved in killings. Critical of the statement of Dr Zulfiqar Mirza against the Muhajirs, the JI leader said it had added fuel to the fire. He said it was regrettable that dozens of people had been killed, but nobody had been held responsible. He made it clear that his party was not in favour of a military action. Any action, he said, should be carried out by civilian institutions. In his opinion, the situation would return to normal in only 24 hours if the government shows seriousness. MQM MNA Asif Hasnain said it was not a secret anymore as to who was involved in Karachi killings. He said that Karachi situation had been created under a conspiracy. About the release of Afaq Ahmed, the head of the rival MQM faction, he said it would have no impact whatsoever as he was a non-entity. Analyst Muhammad Tahir said foreign hand was involved in Karachi killings.