A number of officers joined police department after passing through competitive examination but hardly anyone could write a book that focus on police department, perhaps most of the officers could not find enough time and hence lose their interest in reading, writing and recording observations. The writer of the book Malik Khuda Bukhsh Awan has already written a book on Anti-Corruption Strategies which was published in 2003. The underhand book not only throws light on police department but also suggests that how distance between police and common people could be reduced. The manuscript also highlights on core components of community policing and discusses the philosophy at international perspective and need for its application in Pakistan. The author was of the view that though he learnt the idea of community policing by reading a lot of research books and journals but the fact is that he practically observed the phenomenon while extensively visiting Singapore. The book presents an overview of the various factors comprising the relationships between community and criminal justice system and reasons for lack of trust and positive interaction between police and community. According to writer, the main reason to write this book was to involve community as a means of crime prevention and decrease in publics fear of crime. Some useful suggestions have also been written in the book to involve all components of the system of justice in collaboration with citizens in a bid to reduce crime in general and fear of crime in particular. The author Malik Khuda Bukhsh is of the opinion that police alone cannot achieve goal of crime control and prevention, rather it needs people help to eradicate crimes from society, adding that more communication gap between police and public would increase the crime rate in society. So, it is need of the hour to delegate more power to common people, if government really wants to bring crime ratio in society at zero level, he added. The title of the book is though colourful but it does not clearly convey the message to readers what writer wants to pass on. Book: Benevolent Policing Writer: Malik Khuda Bakhsh Awan Publisher: Butt Book Depot, Lahore Pages: 159 Price: Rs 400/-