KOT ADDU - The Ammonia gas, being emitted from ice factories, situated in urban areas here, have been causing serious health hazards and complications. It has been observed that the rising level of Ammonia gas with every passing, has given rise to the number of patients of different sort of allergies, asthma and other diseases. Similarly, extra water discharge from these ice factories has also become a source of great inconvenience for the general public. Due to the collapse of the TMA sewage system, the unwanted water accumulates in the streets due to which these streets present the look of a pond and have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This phenomenon could also cause the outbreak of malaria and other water-born disease in the area and needs the special attention of the authorities to avert any unpleasant situation. The locals have demanded the government to relocate these ice factories to outside the urban area and ensure effective sewage system to address the issue.