'THE Amazing Spider-Man' villain Rhys Ifans has been arrested after pushing a female security guard while at Comic-Con to promote the upcoming blockbuster, the San Diego Police Department says. Ifans, best-known for his role in Notting Hill was said to have become angry on Saturday (Melbourne time) when a member of his entourage was denied entry to the hall where he was due to begin the movie's Comic-Con panel, as they did not have the correct credentials. The Welsh actor, who "smelled of alcohol", then "shoved" the guard to let them pass through to the hall, a police spokeswoman said. "He was abusive, belligerent and aggressive, and shoved a female security guard," Lieutenant Andra Brown. "He was verbally abusive to all around ... security, the police department and the USA." Ifans, who plays the dual roles of Dr Curt Connors and The Lizard in the film, was allowed to participate in the panel, but afterwards the guard made a citizen's arrest. He was subsequently issued with a citation for misdemeanor battery and was then released. The San Diego City Attorney was now set to determine whether to pursue charges against the actor. Sony Pictures, which will distribute the latest Spider-Man movie, said Ifans "deeply regrets the incident." Herald Sun