SIALKOT - Chairman Nazria Pakistan Foundation and Chief Editor Nawa-i-Waqt Group Majid Nizami has urged the entire nation to get united and shun their difference for the glory of Islam and thwart the anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam conspiracies being hatched by the troika of non-believers including India, America and Israel, as this stannic troika is against the atomic assets of Pakistan and wants to deprive the first Islamic atomic power of these assets. He stated this during his telephonic address to the participants of Pakistan Paindabad Conference held at Allama Iqbal Auditorium Uggoki-Sialkot under the auspices of the newly-established Sialkot chapter of Nazria Pakistan Forum on Sunday. Majid Nizami pointed out that India would ever remain the enemy of Pakistan and the mounting efforts of the incumbent rulers of Pakistan for establishing friendship and extending trade ties with her could never be termed as the loyalty. He said that India is a cunning enemy which wants to destabilise Pakistan in every shape by hatching global conspiracies against Pakistan and Islam. He said that Indian has never accepted the creation of Pakistan and the partition of Subcontinent which is a shameful act for a country which claims to be the biggest democracy in the world. Majid Nizami revealed that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Muslim Ummahs prominent atomic scientist Dr Abdul Qadir Khan made the defence of Pakistan impregnable by conducting atomic explosion successful, putting aside the global pressure built up after the Indian atomic explosions. He urged the parents and the teachers to tell the importance of the ideology of Pakistan to their children, saying that the time is ripe for everyone to get awakened for making Pakistan a prosperous and developed nation as envisaged by father of the nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said that there should be at least 30 minutes long recitation of Kalaam-i-Iqbal at all government and private educational institutions. He also announced the establishment of Nazria Pakistan Forum chapters in all the districts of Punjab to promote the two-nation theory. Addressing the conference, Mian Mehboob Ahmed, former chief justice of Lahore High Court, paid rich tribute to Majid Nizami for his devotion, dedication, enthusiasm and meritorious services rendered for the protection of Nazria Pakistan and promoting Pakistaniyat at every level. He said that Mr Majid Nizami was an embodiment of patriotism, loyalty, devotion and dedication. He stressed the need for making all out sincere efforts to protect Pakistan against the evil designs of its enemies, besides, pledging to sacrifice even the last drop of our blood to defend every inch of the motherland. He said that the friendship of Pakistan with India could never be fruitful for Pakistan, as India was a cunning enemy and it could never be proved trustworthy at any cost. India should resolve the Kashmir dispute at first as per the aspirations of the oppressed people of the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Other key speakers, while delivering their speeches, stressed the need for making individual and collective efforts to ensure the rule of law, cheap and smooth dispensation of justice to the people and implementation of honesty for making it a true Pakistan as envisaged by Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam. They also urged the print and electronic media to play its pivotal role in deescalating the intensity of the crucial issues in positive sense, not fuelling the fire. Waleed Iqbal, the grandson of Allama Iqbal, DIG Police Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema, Brig (r) Muhammad Anwar, columnist Muhammad Asif Bhalli, Lahore based writer Rabia Rehman, former MPA Arshad Mehmood Baggu, Pervaiz Ahmed Barki, Farooq Mayere and Khawaja Zakaud Din also addressed the conference. OATH ADMINISTERED: The newly established Nazria Pakistan Forum has started regular functioning Sialkot, the city of Allama Iqbal, for promoting the Pakistan ideology. Mian Mehboob Ahmed administrated oath to the office-bearers of newly-established Nazria Pakistan Forum Sialkot.