Apparently, the information of the fake polio campaign undertaken by the US as a 'counter terrorism measure where hundreds of young childrens health was put at stake, should not come as a complete surprise for us. That the US interest takes precedence over human, territorial, security and every other right of the 'Other has been made amply clear by the indiscriminate use of drone attacks on Pakistani soil, the unilateral raid on OBLs campus in Abbottabad and the unilateral decision of withholding military aid to Pakistan. The judicious occurring of the term 'unilateral where the US is concerned indicates how the superpower operates and comes to a conclusion about the fate of other nations. The thing that should concern us more is that this increasing US 'unilateralism has proved detrimental to the general health and psyche of the Pakistani nation. That the relation between Pakistan and the US has been rocky due to this special US trait needs to be realized by it. Only a joint strategy where every legitimate stakeholder be given equal significance will bring a decisive end to this protracted war that is serving a unilateral American interest. PROFESSOR KABIL KHAN, Peshawar, July 20.