KARACHI - The commercial hub of the country has been witnessing an extreme volatile law and order situation since the PPP-led government came into power. Rattling gunfire and explosions of hand grandees forced the panicked residents of different localities to keep themselves indoor. More than a dozen people lost lives across the metropolis on Sunday alone in different violent incidents, while other localities remained disturbed because of the clashes between the ethnic rival and religious groups. The people of areas of Sohrab Goth and Abul Hassan Ispahani Road got panicked when unknown assailants resorted to aerial firing at the time when funeral procession of Advocate Mukhtar Bukhari was offered on the thoroughfare of Ispahani Road. In retaliation the charged mob got angry and pelted passing vehicles with stones. Deceased Advocate Bukhari, who was gunned down in Old City area on Saturday, was dealing various high profile sectarian cases. The above said areas remain tense and intermittent firing was continued between rival religious sects while heavy contingents of police were deployed in the areas to maintain the law and order situation. On the other said various localities of district Malir remained tense where continue exchange of fire between the rival ethnic groups compelled the residents of Aaleemabd to move towards safer place. It has also been reported that rival ethnic groups have also firing the rockets and hurling grenade on the population of each other. The attacks were also reported at the house of Maulana Naeemi of Jamat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat in Malir area. The areas including Bakra Piri, Khokharapar, Saudabad, Amar-e-Yasir Society, Jaffer Tayyar Society and other vicinities have also been echoing with heavy gunshots, where some five people were sustained bullets injuries and taken to different hospitals of the city. Police and Rangers stayed out of the troubled areas and portrayed heavy deployment on the main roads. Ali Ahmer, resident of Amar-e-Yasir Society, while talking to TheNation said that there was slum belt of Goaths alongside Urdu speaking population which had been resulting into clashes between the rival ethic groups since on Saturday when a mob of gunmen barged into the different areas of Malir and attacked MQM offices and workers houses and killed some 11 people. The areas of the Shah Faisal Colony, Model Colony, Green Town and other vicinities remained tense where heavy firing remained continued between the Panjabi Pukhtoon Itahad (PPI) and Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). Confrontation between the said groups has also been continued in Mehmoodabad area where operatives of both parties were also engaged in exchange of fire. The old city areas where two MQM sympathisers and real brothers were gunned down were also tense and Lyari gangsters and rival groups including Katchi and MQM engaged in the gunfight. North Karachi and Shadman remained also tense and heavy gunshot echoing in the area. Adjacent localities of North Karachi including New Karachi and Surjani were also tense because of religious fanatic groups targeted the rival group members. In Surjani area gunmen resorted to firing and shot dead a man on the gate of Siddiq-e-Akber Mosque which caused panic among people and suspension of commercial and private activities. The historically disputed areas of Orangi Town, Qasba Colony, Banars and Kati Pahari were disturbed where gunmen resorted to firing left many people injured. It is pertinent to mention here that law enforcement agencies have failed to restore the law and order in the city where mostly areas have been affected because of the violence including the areas of downtown where continued violence and killing compelled the residents to evacuate the homes and business points.