Not for days, weeks or months but for years Balochistan and Karachi have experienced worst kind of bloodbath and the most painful aspect is that no one, federal government, provincial authorities or security agencies included, wants to find out who actually is behind it. While the people of Balochistan continue to receive bullet-ridden bodies, Karachi has become a killing field. Five labourers belonging to Punjab were gunned down while they were at work in a mosque at Noshki bringing the number of target-killing to hundreds. On the other hand, number of missing person is increasing instead of declining despite suo motto action taken by the Supreme Court. If the authorities are aware of those elements responsible for this massacre of innocent people, it is their duty to expose them. If there is a foreign hand involved, Indian, Israeli or American, we should have no hesitation in taking necessary action to eliminate them with full force. One remembers that Interior Minister Rehman Malik informed the Parliament in a camera session that Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad were behind insurgency in Balochistan. But he never picked up the guts to say it publicly. Instead he stated on Holy Quran that no Blackwater or Xe Services personnel were working in Balochistan. His statement surprised many of those having knowledge of their presence in that troubled province. In Karachi, people are dying in large number while the three stakeholders are busy in shifting the blame or what can best be termed 'passing the buck. On Saturday, President Zardari has announced a four-member committee to contact all stakeholders to find ways and means to bring peace back to city of Quaid. But the experience is that if committees and commissions are appointed, they seldom come out with any conclusion fixing responsibility. Lot of time has since been wasted and the people of Balochistan and Karachi are not aware who is behind the ruthless killing of their near and dear ones. Who is responsible for this indifference and apathy?