OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Insaf Students Federation Karachi President Alamgir Khan has urged the youth to register their votes for the next election which will be the defining moment for the future of Pakistan, said spokesman of ISF here on Sunday. He said that Awareness Session on the announced Voter Registration Campaign by Election Commission of Pakistan will start from August 8 September 17. The session was organised by ISF at PTI Sindh Secretariat for the youth of Karachi to share the basic information about the voting registration process, in which students from various education institutes participated. Alamgir Khan said that removal of 45 per cent bogus votes was a great success of PTI and now this was the time for the youth to stand unite for the movement of justice. Later, Arsalan Ghumman, General Secretary ISF Karachi, said that 70 per cent of the whole population of Pakistan is the youth and in the past this majority had been ignored in the electoral process and deliberate efforts was made by the status-quo to depoliticise the youth. He said the current rulers were not even representing more than 7 per cent of the whole population and now after the removal of bogus votes they had been exposed.