HAFIZABAD - Power looms’ owners and workers protested against the prolonged and unscheduled loadshedding and called upon Gepco authorities to take pity on the believers at least during Ramazan.

Addressing the protesters, Sunni Tehreek Hafizabad District Convener Syed Usman Haider Naqvi said that the believers were facing hardships during prayers, ‘Sehri’ and Iftar timings. He said that water was not available for Wazoo or ablution due to prolonged loadshedding. He demanded early eradication of unschooled loadshedding.  Despite the promise of the prime minister and the water and power minister that there would not be loadshedding at Sehri, Iftar and Taraveeh timings, the situation here is contrary to the pledge. Loadshedding durations had been decreased about a couple of weeks ago, but now the unscheduled and prolonged outage have started again.

The plight of fasting Muslims particularly the senior citizens and patients during this humid weather can be imagined. Moreover, the shopkeepers and workers in small industries were being rendered jobless.  Meanwhile, 18 to 20 hours loadshedding continued in the district. All the tall claims of government have proved to be false and exposed failure of rulers.