This letter is about the inordinate delay involved in Canadian immigration. The time span has considerably increased adding to the anxiety of the families here in the country. I have known one such family where the husband is in Canada but his family, including wife and children are awaiting immigration call. I have personally witnessed the misery the family is going through; the wife has to raise the children single-handedly here in Pakistan, which has become an onerous task in the absence of the husband. It has been over five years that the couple got married and one and a half year since the immigration case was moved but it seems that all the children and the wife can do is to cry. I am of the view that inspection of papers and confirmation of other facts should not take that long. Canada is a country that has been generous when it comes to welcoming people from the world over. It is my humble request to Canadian government to review its immigration policies for Pakistan.

Mansoor Hussain,

Asad Butt,

Lahore, July 24.