ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has invited local and international firms to provide consultancy for preparation of feasibility studies, design preparation and supervision of a power generation project to make Islamabad a loadshedding free city.

The CDA has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Chinese firm for to extend assistance to the CDA in the project execution under which the authority would install its own 2x100 megawatt power plants to be fired by local coal.

The project had been envisaged in view of the deteriorating energy crisis when the residents of federal capital had also been bearing the power outages for prolonged durations and once the project is executed, Islamabad would be free from power outages. The consultants would be responsible for carrying out the feasibility studies, tender level design, tender documents, bid evaluation, award of contract and supervision of construction activity.

As per CDA’s conditions, the consultancy firms may also associate or form joint venture with local or foreign firms to enhance their qualifications subject to the maximum three firms as per Pakistan Engineering Council rules. The CDA would receive applications from interested consultancy firms by August 15, 2012 and the Authority has assured to carry out pre-qualification as per PEC and Public Procurement Regulatory Authority rules.

Earlier, the CDA had been working on a project to generate power from the city’s garbage; but it was later shelved after being told that the daily production of city’s garbage that stands at 700 tons was insufficient to fuel a power plant.

Talking to this agency, Chairman CDA, Farkhand Iqbal said work on the project would initiate once the all formalities are fulfilled. He said the proposed power plant would generate the electricity more than the one required for Islamabad and the surplus production would be sold out to the government.

He said the electricity to be produced by the CDA-proposed plant would be around Rs6 cheaper than the one being supplied by Wapda and viewed that in view of energy crisis the only solution was to switch to alternative sources of energy like solar, coal or wind. He said the CDA has already started installation of energy efficient water pumps with the cooperation of USAID that would save 2MW of electricity that is sufficient for 4500 households.