LAHORE - The Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited urea plant has been shut down due to low gas pressure. The company expects to get full gas restoration from SSGC in a couple of days. Sources said that the company’s DAP plant is operating at normal levels. It is to be noted that exceptionally low pressure of gas has already crippled the whole industry, particularly the textile industry in Punjab, unable to operate and keep over 10 million jobs intact. Industry sources deplored the unilateral decision of SNGPL for unfair and inequitable disconnections of gas supply to textile industry during ATAs of gas fields in July. The gas supply on the SNGPL network was below 50% against contractual pressure and sometimes it reaches to the vicinity of zero percent.As per the prevailing schedule, the SNGPL is bound to provide five days a week uninterrupted gas supply to the industry in Punjab. Uncertainty regarding gas availability is not only causing operational losses but also at time mills pay the labourers without deploying them to work.The textile clusters like Manga Raiwind Road and Sheikhupura Road are almost out of order and textile workers are becoming jobless with every passing day, that may cause law and order situation ahead.