ISLAMABAD - Prices of food items at Ramazan sasta bazaars set up in the capital territory witnessed a downward trend from the third of Ramazan and 10 to 25 per cent decrease was observed in prices of fruits and vegetables at these bazaars.

According to a comparative look at the rate list of food items of Ramazan sasta bazaars set up by the local administration, from the first of Ramazan to the third, the rates of food items and vegetables have started considerably decreasing comparatively.

The rate lists show that potato (pheca) per kg was sold at Rs 32 in these sasta bazaars, onion per kg at Rs 28, tomato per kg at Rs 41, ginger per kg at Rs 80, garlic per kg at Rs 108, lemon at Rs 140 per kg, lady finger per kg at Rs 38 per kg, kadu per kg at Rs. 40, bangon per kg at Rs.= 35, beans at Rs. 120 per kg, fresh beans at Rs. 68 per kg, tenda desi per kg at Rs. 55, shimla mirch at Rs. 35 per kg and kheera per kg was sold on Tuesday at Rs 42 in these bazaars.

Similarly Chinese apple was sold at these bazaars at Rs 195 per kg, apple whites 110 per kg, banana India at Rs 150 per dozen, banana Pakistani per dozen at Rs 110, mango sindhri per kg at Rs 78, mango chonca at Rs 70 per kg, water melon at Rs 32 per kg and grapes sundarkhani at Rs 220 per kg were sold by the shopkeepers.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Amer Ali Ahmed has said that sasta Ramazan bazaars were providing a great relief to the people and the administration would continue their efforts to provide the food items at the control rates by taking practical steps. He said that prices of fruits and vegetables would further be falling after passing off the first Ashra of Ramazan.

Meanwhile, the price checking teams headed by the magistrates imposed heavy fines on the profiteers amounting Rs 27,350 during the course of checking here on Tuesday, for not displaying the rate list of food items. Magistrates also took samples of food items and dispatched them to laboratory for quality testing.