PESHAWAR – In order to introduce municipal bodies system in tribal areas, the Federal Government is planning to give a final shape to the draft of ‘Federally Administered Tribal Areas Local Government Regulation, 2012’ by August 15, 2012, officials told TheNation on Tuesday.

In a bid to bring Fata at par with other areas, the PPP-led government has so far brought several lively and people-friendly changes by restructuring the decades old political and administrative system in the tribal areas. In the near past, the government has not only extended Political Parties Order-2002 to Fata, but also made quite a lot of reforms in the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR), which is commonly called to be a ‘draconian law’.  This time, the government is going to introduce and establish a new local municipal bodies system in Fata, which the government plans to get ready by August 15, 2012, officials said. It would be a milestone in the history of the region if government succeeds in its implementation.

Seeking suggestions in comments or emails, a draft of the Fata Local Government Regulation-2012 has already been uploaded on the Fata Secretariat’s website.

The officials said the government wanted to implement the regulation and give maximum relief to the tribesmen.

The draft of the regulation defines that general members of the municipal committee shall be elected through direct election based on adult franchise and joint electorate.

Besides, it says that the governor may from time to time determine and notify additional members representing traders, women or other special groups subjected to the condition that a total number of such nominated members shall not exceed 25 per cent of the total membership of the respective council. The local area has been described as a ‘town’, and it has been indicated that the governor can divide the local area into wards with a definite boundary for the purpose of elections.

Moreover, function of local councils would include monitoring sanitation, removal and dumping of refuse, latrines, public health, water supply, drainage, food and drink, livestock, public safety, municipal planning, building control, streets, traffic vehicles, culture and sports.

Besides, draft of the regulation says that a ward would be an area comprising one census block, or as may be prescribed.

The governor may, for purposes of election, divide a local area into such number of wards having a definite boundary.

In addition, the chairman and vice-chairman, for every local council would be a chairman and a vice chairman, elected in prescribed manner, by the respective local council/ municipal corporation.