The government’s failure to ease loadshedding even during Ramazan shows its total lack of concern for the masses. Against commitments to exempt Sehr and Iftar from loadshedding, a number of towns and cities suffer the agony during these periods. This is all the more criminal given the scorching heat and humidity that is making people lose their temper and vent out publicly. The demonstrations in different parts of the country bear proof to their utter disappointment with the ruling elite. Protesters were seen vandalising public property especially targeting Wapda offices and clashing with the police. This is not at all helpful, already when the country finds itself in a political mess. With governance of the sort, the government is itself forfeiting the right to rule over the country and paving the way for increased social unrest, possibly leading to early elections. Under the circumstances, those at the helm must take steps on a war footing including payment of circular debt to reduce the duration of outages. One expects the PPP setup to be conscious of the situation that is fast deteriorating into countrywide disturbances.