KAMOKE - In the month of holy Ramazan, the traditions have been changed in the Muslim society.

Since the coming of Ramazan is a critical moment of our day-to-day lives where things are getting tough in the country, restoring the spirit of Ramazan is desperately needed with a view to establishing a more humanizing fasting month. In good old days, throughout Ramazan, families used to get together to share food and company in the evenings and night-time, and the emphasis was always on reflection, prayer and charity. Ramazan was not a commercialized festival.

No matter how much temperature was in Ramazan, the Muslim was as polite as in other days, which was the actual spirit of Ramazan while the fasters (rozadaran) of today are contrary to their ancestors. He is only interested in profiteering and hoarding. Only to grab money by no matter how unfair mean. In old days there was no concept of air condition or even a electric fan, that was the time only hand fan was available yet fasting people were performing their duties well, farmers in their farms while labouers were doing their jobs honestly.  They used traditional drinks at Iftar like lassi, skanjbeen, shakarcola along with tukham-langan and widely used milk soda.  The people had managed dhol and loudspeaker at Sehr and Iftar time to wake up the people for fasting.  However, the picture of this Ramazan is quite depressing in the midst of a sharp hike in food prices, gas and electricity tariff hikes.

Frustrated, many people cannot afford to buy simple food items to feed their families and children, which most likely will trigger violence and social unrest.