A British journalist’s investigative story in The Sun, detailing how he bribed Nadra officials to get a CNIC and a genuine passport to be able to travel to the UK for London Olympics has caused quite a commotion. The story titled, “Olympic Terror Visas Racket” says it all. These loopholes, the paper claims, can give “potential terrorists a chance to sneak into Britain with Pakistan’s Olympic team as bogus supporters.”

Here in Pakistan, shocked by the news, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik has suspended 12 passport officials and formed a joint investigation team. In fact, reports of errant travel agents, corrupt practices in Nadra and Passport offices are not new. It will be in our own interest to conduct a thorough inquiry. Our Olympics Association seems worried that the scandal may force Pakistan out of Olympics. The authorities say that it is not as easy as the report in The Sun claims; there is a foolproof process including issuance of accreditation cards before anyone could participate or watch the games. If it can so prove, well and good. Otherwise, it is just another embarrassment for an already tarnished Pakistani image in sports.