KAMOKE - The worst power outages during Sehr, Iftar and Taraveh timings irked the masses a lot which led to strong protests staged by consumers in the city.

The PML-N local leader said that the government completely failed to end loadshedding at the Sehr and Iftar timings despite its tall claims. He said that the Water and Power Minister Ahmad Mukhtar had claimed before the Ramazan that there would be no loadshedding during Ramazan.

The people suffered from loadshedding in Sehr and Iftar times and power supply remained off during prayers timings, he added.

N-leader said that as a result of extreme loadshedding, industries of the province, agriculture and other sectors had been brought to a catastrophic end and hundreds of thousands of people had been rendered jobless. He said the country was facing the worst loadshedding in its history and people had to bear agonizing loadshedding even during the times of Iftar and Sehr but the conscienceless rulers were unmoved.