JHANG - At least nine people including two women were killed and 19 other were injured in separate incidents in different areas here over the past 24 hours.

As per detail, in a road accident that took place near Ali Abad on Jhang-Bhakhar Road, two persons were killed and one received serious injuries. The accident occurred when a speeding tractor-trolley collided with a car AFY-661, coming from the opposite direction. Resultantly two car riders died on the spot while one sustained serious injuries and was admitted to DHQ Hospital.

In another road accident that occurred near Gojra Morr on Jhang-Faisalabad Road, a bus conductor was killed on the spot while 14 other people sustained serious injuries.

According to available detail, a passenger bus collided with a Dalla coming from the opposite direction.

 As a result, the bus conductor identified as Bhola died on the spot while 14 passengers sustained serious injuries. On information Rescue 1122 reached the spot and took the injured to hospital.

 Similarly, a cattle dealer was killed in an accident on Jhang-Chiniot Road. As per detail, Muhammad Afzal, a resident of Mauza Tahli Mangeni, a cattle dealer was going to Peshawar with a cattle-laden truck. On the way, the truck reportedly overturned due to speeding.

Resultantly Muhammad Afzal died on the spot while two other persons sustained serious injuries.

In yet another incident a young man was electrocuted. Bilal Ahmed, son of son of Zahoor Ahmed, a resident of Mauza Dherkhan wala situated in the remit of Qadirpur Police was repairing electric wire when suddenly he touched a live wire and died instantly.

Meanwhile, Mukhtar Hussain, a resident of Dub Kalan was gunned down over a petty dispute. Reportedly a few month back accused Arshed had stolen cattle of the deceased and he had got registered a case against him.

However, Arshed was furious at this and he along with his two unidentified accomplices opened firing on Mukhtar Hussain, killing him on the spot when he was returning home after ploughing his fields. The police, on the application of his brother, have registered a case.

In yet another incident, a man axed his wife death over a petty family dispute.

As per detail, Mazhar Abbas, a resident of Chak 204/JB in the remit of Langrana Police and his 18-year-old wife Suria Bibi quarrelled over a petty family issue some three days back. At which Suria Bibi went to her parents home.

Furious at his wife’s behaviour, Mazhar Abbas along with his accomplice stormed into the house of his In-laws and axed his wife to death. The Langrana Police registered a case and.

Meanwhile, unidentified accused killed a 28-year-old young man. As per detail, 28-year-old Riaz Ahmed, son of Khushal, a resident of Mauza Satiana in the remit of Jhang Saddr Police was asleep in his home in the night.

 Meanwhile, somebody knocked the door of his house. When he went outside, the culprits killed him and threw his dead body in a nearby garden. The Jhang Saddr Police have registered a case.

In yet another incident claimed the life of a woman. As per detail, Amanullah, his sister Naseem Bibi, wife of Ghulam Abbas and a minor nephew Asad, a resident of Mauza Kot Sai Singh were going to pay homage at the shrine of Saint Sial Sharif on Jhang-Sargodha Road. On the way near Bair Wala bus stop, scarf of Naseem Bibi entangled in one of the wheels of motorcycle. Resultantly, she died instantly while her uncle and nephew sustained serious injuries.

 The Rescue 1122 took injured to DHQ hospital.