ISLAMABAD - The Information Ministry on Tuesday reshuffled its senior bureaucracy and appointed senior officer Shafaqat Jalil as Director General of Directorate of Electronic Media and Publication and Abid Saeed as Director Audit Bureau Circulation.
Shafqat Jalil, according to the information, is a grade 20 officer of Information Group who reported the ministry a few days back after completing staff course from the Lahore Staff College. Shafqat Jalil had served as Press Secretary to former prime ministers Yousuf Raza Gilani and Raja Pervaiz Asharaf. He had also served at the Pakistan High Commission in Dehli as press officer.
A senior official at the ministry termed Jalil appointment as DG Directorate of Electronic Media and Publication a very important development.
He said that he had vast experience and good relationship with journalists and media houses. He said that his experience and repo would help government tackle the issue of media division after Geo’s episode.
He said that at a time when Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) failed to play a role in calming down situation in the aftermath of Geo’s episode, Jalil would be a great help to government to bridge the gap between government and media houses and bringing different media houses on same page to solve the media crisis.
Abid Saeed , a grade 19 officer of Information Group, had been serving at provincial headquarters of PEMRA in Punjab as Regional General Manager of PEMRA Lahore. The ministry issued the notifications of both officers on Thursday evening.