PESHAWAR  - A female warden of the Central Jail Peshawar Shahzadi Rabia has accused the jail superintendent and his relatives of harassing and transferring her to far-flung districts with short intervals as she had refused to develop illicit relationship with them.
Rabia, a female warden of Central Jail Peshawar, disclosed this during a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday. She said that during her five-year service she had been transferred for five times to various far-flung districts, including Charsadda, Mardan, Swat and Peshawar districts and regularly threatened her of dire consequences if she did not accept illegal demands of jail superintendent and his relatives. "I am a married woman and have to uphold the honour of my family. I cannot accept the illegal demands of my bosses and their relatives and that is why they are subjecting me to torture by transferring every year to a new station," she alleged. She said that the public had voted PTI to power in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the hope that the party would support the poor, honest and take action against those misusing their powers but the people did not see any change so far.
She said that she was openly asked by her bosses to accept their demands and her transfer will be cancelled. The woman said that she would prefer to commit suicide by setting herself on fire outside the Chief Minister House instead to bargain on self-respect.
Rabia alleged that Masud-ur-Rahman, Central Jail Peshawar Superintendent, and his son Suhrab, a student, wanted to develop illicit relations with her and on refusal she was transferred to Swabi without any reason.
Rabia said that before coming to press conference she received threats from them. "The superintendent mentally tortured me but I decided to come forward and will render every kind of sacrifice against such illegal actions because suicide is better than such life where one will have to bow head for the whole life," she said.
She maintained that it was not only happened with her but every woman was being passed through the ordeal difficulties but a very few had the courage to take the risk by raising voice against the injustices. She further alleged that beautiful women detained in jail were provided cell phones and other facilities and the superintendent call them to his office for hours long time. She appealed to Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, PTI Chief Imran Khan, KP Chief Minister and Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take action against the official concerned.