Islamabad - In sheer violation of its own statutes, the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) is not allowing the students seeking rechecking of their papers to identify the handwriting and script of their answer sheets.

A number of complaints including the students and their parents came up with similar complaints when the officials dealing with the rechecking matter denied to show them the answer sheets of the papers, they had applied for rechecking, as per the conditions given in the procedure given by the board on its website.

One of the clauses for rechecking reads: “The student has right to identify the answer script as his/her own without debating the assessment made by the examiner.  The interested applicants can submit the request on the given email address (”

But when the students asked the re-checking officials to show them their answer sheets so that they could identify that the answer sheets are in their own handwriting or not, they are declined the right despite the fact that in the terms and conditions given on its own website the FBISE has explicitly written that applicants would be given the opportunity to identify his handwriting in answer sheet. The parents said that in a number of cases in the past the students’ answer sheets had been replaced erroneously and just to avoid the haste they were now avoiding the students to identify their handwriting.

The students also came up with a complaint that the board has also given the facility of online application for getting the papers rechecked but despite repeated attempts they failed to apply online due to fault in the system.

They also appealed to the concerned authorities to spruce up the system so that the students could apply online.