KARACHI - Caretaker government assured Karachiities ahead of foolproof security arrangements for polling day, urged citizens not pay attention on rumours spread out to create panic on election day today.

According to the details, voice massages, letters and reports about the possible terror attacks on election days have been viral on social media caused panic among the citizens of the metropolis. The voice massages widely circulating in social media quoting CNN IBN Radio, “pointed out US state department informed Pakistani authorities about the massive bloodshed at polling day, and informed that militant groups have dispatched 25 suicide bombers to create terror on election day”. The massage viral grab the attention of authorities declined any sort of threat, claimed foolproof security arrangements on election day.

The spokesman for Sindh government categorically denied the rumours being spread through the social media about law and order and stated the caretaker provincial government has taken foolproof security measure in connection with the general elections 2018. 

According to a statement issued here on Tuesday, the spokesman elaborated that the law enforcement agencies are continuously vigilant of the law and order situation adding that sufficient number of law enforcement personnel including army, rangers and police have been deployed in the polling stations so that the culprits cannot succeed in their nefarious causes.

The spokesman further appealed to the masses not to pay heed upon the rumours and take part in the general elections without any fear. The government is well aware of its responsibility of safeguarding the lives and properties of the masses and have managed all its resources for free, fair and transparent administration of general elections, he concluded.  It is worth mentioning here that a number of other threat alert letters have also been circulating following blasts in KPK and Baluchistan. The communiqués circulating, pinpointed Muttahida Quami Movmenet London and Pakistan People Party carders planned to create unrest through target killing and other terrorist activities on election day.  On the other hand, side security agencies claimed to have busted groups affiliated with MQM London and Lyari gangs allegedly planned to create terror on election day. The letter’s copy obtained The Nation inscribed the name of former PPP Adviser to prisons Sindh Gull Muhammad Jakhrani allegedly planned to target rival political party leaders in District Badian. Similarly, named MQM London leadership given task to MQM militants to target rival political leaders to sabotage the elections.